Good news! PublicFeet will not be shutting down after all. more info

Hi everyone, and welcome to the NEW & IMPROVED PublicFeet!

We've been working extremely hard to bring you a fresh and vibrant new website with a lot of new features, including the ability to follow your fellow members, upload videos, ability to add comments. We also have a brand new gallery section, which we'll be updating on a regular basis! We welcome your feedback and make sure you tell all of your friends!


PublicFeet is a free-for-all site. You are allowed to post anything you want as long as it's legal. Here are some clarifications:

  • You are not allowed to post copyrighted content unless you are the OWNER of it's copyright,
  • All people featured in your galleries must be 18 or older, regardless of what they wear,
  • Please make sure your content is feet-related. After all this is a niche site,
  • You ARE allowed to post male feet, but if you do, please mark your room's theme as such (via Room Editor).

Thank you very much.

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